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How to Break Into Comics (Redux) »

So, in the last Manga Studio webinar, I was asked by Fahim Niaz (the host) to give some advice to those of you who are looking to break into comics. I don’t know how qualified I was to offer such advice, but I gave it a shot. Except I botched it. Badly. My brain froze. […]

Mazinger Z »

Thought I’d take a stab at drawing this guy. This was a show I used to love watching as a kid (though in America, it was called Tranzor Z). 🙂 Sketched out digitally, then inked, markered, and painted on bristol.

Batman »

Just drew this up as a new avatar for my Twitter account. 🙂

Commission: Bruce Springsteen »

Here’s a commission done for @DaveCarr: 1970’s era Bruce Springsteen!  

Manga Studio Promotional Art »

Some promotional art I did for the Manga Studio folk. Everything you see was done in the program (including colors).